Lee Ji-hoon, → Reason for actor challenge after the whole field # Min Young-ki musical

Feb. 11, 2020, 4:04 a.m.

Lee Jihoon

Actor Lee Ji-hoon tried to transform himself into a villain through KBS 2TV '9.9 billion women' Lee Jae-hoon.,He has performed well enough to make an actor who digested his previous film "Save a New Employee," Min Woo-won, and is being reborn as an actor who believes and sees with his mature acting skills.,The next film will be released early in May. MBC's new drama "Do you want to have dinner?" will be released in 2020.

This will be followed by Interview 1.

- I got the modifier "sexy garbage".

"It was not my opinion (laughing); it was a pleasant comment, and I felt like I had to work harder and stronger."

— I think I’m losing weight.

"Before I did 'Sae Hae-ryeong', I worked out and trimmed up a lot. I made up to 77kg and started shooting.,She said, "The 9.9 billion women" was a rich son-in-law and a deputy, so she was deliberately fattening at the beginning, but she said that she should not get more stylists because she was too steamed for five times.,So I ate only two meals a day."

- How many meals do you usually eat?

"When you don't do your original work, you eat six meals a day during the offseason, and your stomach is out and your face is big, so you probably won't recognize it.,(Laughing) I feel nervous about doing a strange work, and my body reacts without knowing it. I fall asleep.,If you sleep for about six hours a month before shooting, you will not sleep for more than three hours before shooting.,But when I go through a health checkup after the work, I hear there is no problem."

- How much can I eat?

"I'll eat all the things that come to the chicken and pizza set alone and eat ramen in 10 minutes, 20 minutes. If I eat beef, four people are basic.,After eating, you have to eat a meal in about 30 minutes."

- This work will give you a lot of confidence in acting.

"I've been preparing for an actor since I was 23 years old, and I've had this confidence, but I didn't have much confidence in acting.,I always have an uneasy mind to keep looking for work, I think I'm trying to do something new."

—Do you have a role model?

"When I was 23 years old, I learned about Shin Ha-gyun. Lee Byung-hun, the first time I saw him in the military through the drama 'Iris'. I thought it was really cool.,After watching Cho Seung-woo's musical, I was blinded. "What is he really?" I wanted to, but when I spent time, the role model became more and more disappearing.,I have no idea who I am, living my life, going my way, who I am. (laughing)"

- So I came from a college student.

"I wanted to see the movie 'My Teacher Kim Bong-du' and the physical education teacher, so I went to the gym and I went to the army because I thought this was not my way.,I saw a musical called "Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin" by Min Young-ki in the military. I saw it and I started it simply because I thought I could be happy to do acting.,I was all over the place, but it was hard. I could not eat anything I wanted. I was burdened with eating tteokbokki.,I have lived with such an anxiety."

Lee Jihoon

- I'm satisfied with your position.

“I didn’t start this job because I wanted to be a star. I grew up dreaming when I saw actors who were good at acting.,But it didn’t make me work greedily. Every day was hard. I read a book I hadn’t read.,I decided to be an actor who just likes to play, thinking about it. There is no specific goal.,I try to live my best every day.”

- Genres and characters I want to do.

"I want to do a real bad guy in a movie, I want to do a bad guy who really gets a bad name.,I’ve never played a melodrama, a medical drama, a professional or a genre detective. I felt good about it.,I have done 16 works so far, but I have not done 16 works, so I feel good that I have a lot to do in the future. "

- What do you do when you have time?

"I learned screen golf. Now I play well. I go to screen golf or practice field and hit the ball. I became independent from home.,I bought an air fryer and I am wondering how I can hammock something delicious here. I have a lot of interior desire these days. "

I think I want to build a family.

"I don't mean to get married at any time, but I think we should give love first before marriage, if it's an opportunity and if I have someone who fits the gag code well, I think we can meet and get married.,I always had a dream of getting married when I had no money to buy tteokbokki.,(Laughing) I want to marry someone who is comfortable with me without doing anything great, and who is happy with conversation.,But it seems like it’s time to work now, and I’m going to have to get married when I’m a little more calmer working.”

- She was so beautiful.

"I met Jam Jam by appearing on 'Superman Returns', and I was so envious of Moon Hee-joon, who lives with a family.,I wonder how it feels to be different before and after marriage and before and after the birth of a child.,I was so happy to shoot with her, I think she’s healing.”

- How about life satisfaction in your thirties?

“I look at me once a day in front of the mirror before I go to bed, and when I was just in my mid-20s, my face looked young, but now I have a little wrinkles in my eyes and a neck wrinkle.,I live well every day like this, and I am pretty white hair and I will be old and I am living in my 30s. "

- New Year's wishes.

"If something happens that doesn't hurt and I can eat a lot of my favorite beef, I want to do my best and do my best best. I want to do something and then hear that I did it well."

Hwang So-young reporter Photograph: Jitri Creative

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