'I'm in Pie' (ITZY), full of thrilling emotions 'Normandy Travel' grand opening

Feb. 11, 2020, 3:53 a.m.

ITZY (there) ‘Fari’ from Normandy, France, provided by Mnet M2

ITZY (some) thrills from Normandy, France, are coming to viewers around the world.

CJ ENM Music Digital Studio M2 will broadcast the fourth episode of "I'm in Paris" on Mnet on the 11th (Hwa).,Also, from 9 pm, an hour later, you can enjoy 'Fari' on M2's digital channel.

In the fourth episode of “Farey,” the Normandy landscape will be featured in the previous story, and ITZY members heading to Normandy's port city of Ongfleur.,They return to their concentric state while enjoying the carousel with bright expressions.

The new combination of ITZY will also be revealed: Yuna, Leah, Ryujin and Yegi will be a team to enjoy Ongfleur as soon as they can.,It has beautiful scenery and sensibility locally, including colorful buildings, cute chocolate shops, and the oldest wooden church in France.

The rest of the members expressed their regret for the spirit that they could not be together for a while throughout the trip.

The love of ITZY members toward Chae Ryeong leads to a cook room.,I went to see the dishes directly to make the dishes for Chae-ryong, and returned to the hostel and joined Chae-ryong, and the loveful meal time of 'full-time' ITZY was completed.

ITZY, a chef who starts cooking with a clear role sharing.,What is the taste of each food and the food you make yourself, and ITZY's happy dinner can be found in the fourth episode of 'Fari'.

ITZY’s trips are not just that: Yegi and Yuna are challenging a trip to a light plane, and Ryujin, Lia and Chae-ryeong are planning to visit the Doville Market in Normandy to enjoy a new atmosphere.,Their special trip will be included in the final episode.

On the other hand, the fourth episode of 'Fari' full of ITZY's excitement will be released on February 11 at 8 pm Mnet and from 9 pm on M2's digital channel.

Park Hyun-sook, online reporter,

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