'Spread' Jeon Do-yeon "I was originally a delightful person, locked up for work"

Feb. 11, 2020, 3:49 a.m.

Jeon Do-yeon mentioned the gap between the real personality and the characters in the work.

On the morning of the 11th, an interview with actor Jeon Do-yeon, who starred in the movie "Beasts who want to catch straw," was held at Slow Park in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

The film "The Beasts Who Want to Hold a Wrath" (director Kim Yong-hoon, distribution and distribution Megabox Central (main) PlusM, production (main) B-A Entertainment and Megabox Central (main) PlusM) depicts the story of ordinary humans planning the worst hantang to take up the last chance of life, the money bag.,The film is based on a novel by Japanese writer Sone Kyesuke, titled “The Beasts Who Want to Hold a Swamp” (Major) and “The Big Box Central (Major)” (Major)

The animals who wanted to catch straw, which won the judging committee award at the 49th Rotterdam International Film Festival, attracted attention, including the sale of all the special screening GVs in the local area.,According to the official, there is a flood of invitations from international film festival programmers who watched movies at the Rotterdam Film Festival.,In addition, it is attracting attention as it is officially invited to the competition of the 34th Swiss Freeburg International Film Festival.

Jeon Do-yeon played Yeon-hee, who is trying to erase the past and live a new life in the play.,There is an opportunity to have a large amount of money to liquidate everything in front of Yeon-hee, the president of the bar, who dreams of a completely new life away from the dark past.,He is a person who begins to make a big version of crime using the vain hope of those who are in despair for himself.

"Spread," which postponed its release date for a week in the aftermath of the new Corona, confirmed its release on the 19th, and he laughed brightly, "I heard the release date today.

He said, "I've seen a movie twice so far, and I've seen it in a pseudo-edited post-production and I thought, 'Did I make this movie?' It wasn't what I thought it was then.,It was a work of many times, and I felt that way. I wanted to do publicity if I didn't like movies at the press conference.,Fortunately, Kim Yong-hoon seems to have come out as well as he wants, and I enjoyed it too much. "

Jeon Do-yeon said, "I felt this work as a black comedy from the time I saw the scenario. Of course, I had a genre of disagreement with director Kim Yong-hoon, but I laughed a lot after seeing the finished version.,Frankly, it is hard to laugh or cry when I see my movie, and this scenario was really good for each person. "

Jeon Do-yeon, who appeared 50 minutes after the movie started, said, "It was like a scene from the first filming, and it was strange because the first filming was performed in the mountains late at night.,The first shot was not satisfactory, but I adapted over time. "

On this day, Jeon Do-yeon interviewed more pleasantly than Yeon-hee in the work, and said, "I am a pleasant person and I have kept it in my work.,If I came out to promote my birthday, I should not be as pleasant as I am now, and people who know me say that they are good at comedy movies.,I would like to have a comedy if I meet Jung Woo-sung next time. "

On the other hand, 'Beasts that want to catch straw' is a work that can not be seen by youth, and will be released on February 19th.


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'Spread' Jeon Do-yeon "I was originally a delightful person, locked up for work"