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Feb. 11, 2020, 2:59 a.m.

The story of the organ donors and their transplanters was revealed on Channel A “I Contact.” Broadcast capture

The “I-Contact” has made eye contact between the families and transplanters of organ donation in Korea.

On Channel A 'I Contact' broadcast on the 10th, mother Lee Sun-kyung, who left her daughter four years ago, came out as a eye-catching applicant.

Lee suffered a Cheongcheon wall in 2016, when her 18-year-old daughter, Kim Yu-na, was in a traffic accident in the United States and was in a state of brain death.,The family members were saddened by the unconscious daughter, but decided to donate organs and tissues in the spirit of "meaningfully sending her daughter.",As a result, 27 people were donated to Kim Yu-na's organs and tissues.

Lee, who is about to eyeball, said, "I looked at my daughter who had all the organs removed and prayed that if my mother and father were wrong, tell me in my dream.",Since then, Lee has been able to exchange letters with transplanters who have received her daughter's organs and tissues.,Under current law, exchanges between the bereaved families of organ donors and transplanters are prohibited in Korea, but Kim Yu-na has donated organs in the United States, which is possible.

Of the 27 transplants, Lee's eye contact was Kimberly, who had Kim Yu-na's left kidney and pancreas transplanted.,“Since a child of a similar age has received an organ, I applied for a glance to feel Yuna through her,” said Kimberly, who was 19 years old at the time of organ donation. “I honestly wonder what she is living in.”,The two have already met once at an event in a domestic institution, but the meaning of this eye contact was deeper because they were not given time to talk about personal things.

Lee and his mother sat in a snow-dressing room with Kimberly from the United States.,Kimberly and her mother looked at Lee with gratitude and affection, and Lee said, "I wanted to meet you.",After the eye contact, Kimberly said, "Everything was so good after receiving organ donation." "I had diabetes from the age of two and I married a while ago.,Thanks to Yuna, everything was all right.”

But Kim and her mother sympathized with the pain of Lee, who lost her daughter, and carefully asked if she regretted the pledge of organ donation.,“I just sent Yuna and made an organ donation pledge,” Lee said. “I think it was really better to see Kimberly who was healthy.”

But Kimberly’s mother sobbed, “You lost your daughter, and she saved our daughter,” and “I don’t know how to pay for this.”,“I want to ask Kimberly to value Yuna’s organs and not be sick or sorry, but to live happily ever after,” Lee said.

Finally, Lee carefully asked, "I want to hear Kimberly's heart, which is healthy so that I can feel Yuna.",At the request of Lee, who wants to feel her daughter through Kimberly, Kimberly approached with a location of the transplanted kidney and pancreas, and the two hugged hotly.,Kimberly's mother, who finished her eyes, thanked Lee for saying, "My child is your child."

After that, the three people remembered Kim Yu-na, who once again gave a gift of organ donation by planting camellia trees in honor of Yuna.,3MC Kang Ho-dong, Lee Sang-min, and Haha watched the eyes of the day and wiped their tears together, saying, "I remember Yuna's mother's request not to be sick and not to be sorry."

On the other hand, Channel A 'iContact' is broadcast every Monday at 9:50 pm.

Jung Han-byeol reporter

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