'Love's Unexpected' Hyun Bin X Son Ye-jin, Awakening Plus 'Dulley Couple'

Feb. 11, 2020, 2:53 a.m.

"Adult of Love" Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, who is in love,

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin's brilliant scenes in 'The Instant Attack of Love' (hereinafter, 'Love Fire') are attracting attention.

The TVN toy drama 'The Unexpectedness of Love', which caused a gust of wind this winter with the unique story, the hot love of the actors who believe and see, and the love line full of excitement, is running toward the last time in the hot love and topic of the house theater.

The 'Love Fire', which is scheduled to be broadcasted this week, is loved by its beautiful visual beauty, delicate emotional line expression, and impact-strong ending, along with its development that does not know where to go.,The 14th episode, which was broadcast last Sunday (February 9), recorded the highest audience rating of its own again, with 17.7% of households and 19.0% of the total, including terrestrial, on a pay platform that incorporated cable, IPTV and satellites.

As such, 'Love Fire' has created a lot of scenes with the development of heartbreaking sniping the girl.,Especially, I chose the scenes of 'Duli Couple (Ri Jung Hyuk + Yun Se Ri)' in 'Love Fire' which made viewers cry and sometimes laugh.

# 1 Lee Jung Hyuk, Yoon Se-ri threw himself to save! Shotgun battle reminiscent of action movie

In the last six times, he headed to the airport to return to Korea. Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), surrounded by truck units, and Lee Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin), who came to a step to save him, caused a "simkung" by sweating in the hands of viewers.

Unlike trying to leave Yoon Se-ri in a cold manner, Lee Jung-hyuk revealed that he was secretly covering her from beginning to end, and gave her an unexpected reversal and excitement.,Lee Jung-hyuk, who shot the opponent without any error in the fierce shooting, kept Yoon Se-ri at the same time, and was shocked and impressed by the gunshot wound.

Love Over 2 Lines! The Hot Kiss of the Parting Duli Couple

After several attempts, Yoon Se-ri and Lee Jung-hyuk, who went back to the Republic of Korea beyond the military demarcation line, made their eyes wet.,In the last nine episodes, the two people who had been preparing for a breakup for many moments seemed to be trying to accept the breakup that came to reality, but they could not hide their desire to be together a little more.,Yoon Se-ri, who crossed the military demarcation line, swallowed the bursting cry and stepped on, and Lee Jung-hyuk, who followed him, caught him and stopped him.,The two people who crossed the line and kissed each other, saying, "It will be okay for a step," caused a hot reaction, leaving a bad luck.

# 3 The rush of Yoon Se-ri who took his life! The 'Dooli Couple' who once again overcomes the crisis of life and death

After Lee Jung-hyuk threw himself to save Yoon Se-ri, Yoon Se-ri's sacrifice, which was fatally wounded, was drawn to save Lee Jung-hyuk, who was in crisis.,In the 13th episode broadcast on August 8, Cho Cheol-gang (Oman-seok) was aiming at him while he was in a fierce battle with Lee Jung-hyuk, and Yun Se-ri, who found it, rushed between the two people in a car.,Yoon Se-ri, who threw his body and saved Lee Jung-hyuk, lost consciousness while being shot, and Lee Jung-hyuk's sadness, who wanted to wake up around him for a few days, was sad.

Lee Jung-hyuk finally confessed to his heart to the awakened Yoon Se-ri, saying, "I love you." The tearful embrace of the "Duli couple" who hugged each other revealed the deep love of the two and once again imprinted that they were destined to be separated.

MBN Star Popular Culture Department Anhana reporter

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