Jeon Do-yeon "I'm surprised at the surprise appearance of 'Baekdusan', which is playing Alba,

Feb. 11, 2020, 2:50 a.m.

"I was surprised to see a lot of people in the 'Baekdusan' surprise appearance, a lot of favorable comments from the audience," said Jeon Do-yeon (47), an actor of the "Sports Chosun Jo Ji-young."

Jeon Do-yeon, who plays Yeon-hee, who wants to catch straws, who erases the past and wants to live a new life in the crime thriller film "The Beasts Wanting to Hold Swipe" (director Kim Yong-hoon, production of BEY Entertainment and Megabox Central Plus M).,He met with Sports Chosun in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 11th, and told the behind-the-scenes episode and recent episodes of "Beasts that want to catch straw".

The "Beasts Who Want to Hold a Straw" filmed by Sone Kyeke's novel, depicts the worst choices and consequences of extremely ordinary humans, such as shaking heads, government officials, and housewives who have collapsed.,All the characters in the movie are forced to catch up with the situation and catch the last straw, and they not only buy sympathy with the theme consciousness that human nature is not evil, but also capture 108 minutes of viewers with new and unique composition, unrelenting development, and stylish mise-en-scene.,The beasts who want to catch straw, which became the screen anticipated film in February, won the Special Jury Award at the 49th Rotterdam International Film Festival, which closed on February 2, and proved their performance.

In addition, 'breasts who want to catch straw' is the overwhelming hot spot of famous actors who are not good even if they are 'Chungmuro All-Star Game'.,Jeon Do-yeon, who has returned to the rank of a former class character, has made a remarkable effort to transform her into a superb character. Jeon Do-yeon plays Yeon-hee, the president of a bar who dreams of a completely new life, away from the dark past.,He is a person who has won a large amount of money to liquidate the gloomy reality and live a new life. He is a major character who begins to make a big version of crime using the vain hope of those who are in despair for himself.,Jeon Do-yeon, who has both sides of a lovely character for a lover at the same time as his previous work, is 180 degrees different from his previous work, and once again proves the presence of the original 'Queen of Khan'.

On this day, Jeon Do-yeon said, "I praised people for their good performance on me and went to the theater to find the movie. I went to the theater and said that they did not like to play.,I did not think I could see my acting with my eyes. I did not keep watching it, but when Baekdusan was in full swing, I sneaked to see it.,Rather than preparing something in a long way, the character itself had to write a North Korean dialect and met a North Korean dialect teacher.,I met Mr. Satury too early, but the filming took place a long time later, and at first I was so embarrassed that I wanted to say "Why did I do this movie?",Originally, I was acquainted with director Lee Hae-joon of 'Baekdusan' and director Kim Byung-seo, so I decided to appear as a part-time worker in the work.,They are so beautiful directors, and I ate with a good meal, and I went to the shooting scene saying, "I will do something.",It was hard because it was so difficult and not my tone. I also worried that Lee Byung-hun was talking in a dialect and saying, "Are we talking properly?",I was worried because I did not hear it comfortably and I was not accustomed to my ears. In fact, I told my brother Lee Byung-hun, "I can not understand my brother."

"After 'Baekdusan' was released, people were surprised to see my appearance, but I was ashamed to see the awkwardness in the field.,And I went to see how good I was. I was honest with myself. So I saw Mt.,I was surprised to see that it was so natural that I was surprised that I was not obsessed with something even if I did not try something.,I do not want to stop acting, but I did not want to work too hard, but I already wanted to accept people favorably about Jeon Do-yeon.,I was uncomfortable because I did not have anywhere to go to the other scene, but the staff and actors on the scene would have been uncomfortable watching me.,Everyone is really hard work, and I am so surprised and happy to have received unexpected favorable reviews. "

'Beasts who want to catch straw' is a crime drama of ordinary humans who plan the worst to take the last chance of life, money bag.,Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Woo-sung, Bae Sung-woo, Jung Man-sik, Jin Kyung, Shin Hyun-bin, Jung Garam, Park Ji-hwan, Kim Jun-han, Huh Dong-won and Yoon Yeo-jung.,It was scheduled to open on December 12, but it was postponed on the 19th due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Jo Ji-young reporter Photographs- Megabox Central PlusM

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