Yeji, 'Dead Sexy' in colorful styling

Feb. 11, 2020, 2:39 a.m.

Girls Group's Photography- Zero One Magazine

Singer Yegi has been revived with a deadly sexyness.

On the morning of November 11, the picture of the premonition was released through the official SNS channel of the High End Visual Art Beauty Zero One Magazine.

The premonition in the picture expresses the alluring and sophistication with only the eyes, and it is digesting various stylings by putting artist's aspect in each body movement.

This picture is based on the theme of 'Resurrection of Nature', which is a motif of the flower of nature that blooms in the spring after winter, and expresses the beautiful scent of seeing me, me now and me tomorrow with a different concept of premonition.

In particular, Yeji was said to have expressed the healthy beauty of his 20s, the calmness that is felt inside, and the artist's premonition that no one can imitate at the shooting scene.

Creative Director said, "This picture is a new leap forward of prediction.,"It was born as a new life picture of Yeji because it shows a bold transformation with a unique orange single-shot style, a pop big wave afro hair, and a vintage and intense eye line that fits the 2020 trend."

MBN Star Popular Culture Department Anhana reporter

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