'Parasite' Academy Campaign and Marketing Success Factors

Feb. 11, 2020, 2:09 a.m.

The most important factor in the new history of the Academy was the originality and universality of the film, which provided the curiosity and satisfaction of white people.,In addition, CJ ENM, the investment distributor of 'parasites', also led the detailed academy campaign and marketing strategy.

The Academy Awards are determined by the vote of members of the 8,000 Academy of Film and Arts Sciences (AMPAS) around the world, unlike any other film festival that takes place in the form of entries and invitations.,Therefore, the ‘Academy Campaign’ is the most important to satisfy the work.,In addition, it is a complex global promotion that combines budget, manpower, global film network, and aggressive promotion.

All the activities that have taken place around the world since the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes International Film Festival last May are part of the Academy Campaign.,The campaign was launched in earnest after the end of August when the parasite was confirmed as a candidate for the Academy Award for Foreign Language Film (International Feature Film).

CJ ENM's campaigns include strategic generalization, budgeting and enforcement, local promotions, hosting target premieres for audience and opinion leaders, press promotion and advertising, promotions for directors-actors-producers, and the establishment and implementation of North American promotional strategies by "parasite" North American distributor Neon (NEON), and entries for film festivals in North America.

The reasons why the Academy campaign for parasites was successful are: high satisfaction with works that do not cover critics and audiences; success in initial issue through intensive resource input before opening in North America; maximization of campaign effect through participation of directors and actors; and attractive participation of director Bong Jun-ho.

The parasites also led North American audiences to form a universal consensus on the issue of the "poor gap" which is a common homework of capitalist countries around the world.,In addition to the movie message, many elements in the movie such as directing, scripting, acting, and mise-en-scene attracted attention, and fandom represented as 'Bonghibe' was created.

Film-related discourses were poured on various levels regardless of criticism and audience.,Discourse has been triggered in various spectrums, from philosophical discourses such as 'works implying contradictions of capitalist society' to social media play phenomena such as 'Jessica Song'.

CJ ENM set the Academy Campaign goal itself as "the main prize nomination beyond the foreign language film award" rather than "the first foreign language film award in Korea" and started preparations early.,CJ ENM has set its goal for the Academy campaign as "the first foreign film award in Korea" but "the main prize nomination beyond the foreign film award."

Major foreign interviews such as Hollywood Reporter and LA Times, current affairs for Academy members, dialogue with audiences attended by Bong Joon-ho, and receptions hosted by opinion leaders in the film industry have already begun in September before the release of North America.,In addition to Bong Joon-ho, actors who appeared in the US have also organically combined with the media.

The charming chum of Bong Joon-ho, including "one-inch barrier" and "Oscar prize is local", also increased the favorable impressions of the media and the public.,The marketing program also contributed to the interview, which had more than 500 foreign media interviews since Cannes, and the peak of the interview was the appearance of Bong Joon-ho's "The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon" (NBC).

The event was held at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which hosts the Golden Globe Awards, and the premiere and reception for major American film organizations.,From Cannes to the Academy Awards, 57 overseas film festivals were invited around the world, and the process of breaking the stamps from 55 awards to winning was part of the "parasite" academy campaign.


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