Kim Bum-sup, "tvN 'Kumiho' appearing, in positive discussion"

Feb. 11, 2020, 2:07 a.m.

Kim Bum / Photographs = DB

Actor Kim Bum is positively discussing the appearance of the new drama 'Kumiho'.

On November 11, Kim Bum's agency, King Kong By Starship official, said on Sports Today, "Kim Bum is positively discussing the appearance of TVN new drama 'Kumiho'."

The media reported that Kim Bum appeared in 'Gumiho' and was in a relationship with actor Lee Dong-wook and Jo Boa.

According to reports, Kim Bum played the role of Gumi Ho Lee in the play in 'Gumiho', a sensitive and proud male and a person who despises humans more than anyone while living in a crowd of humans.,It is a Gumiho that believes that human beings have become a deficit in ecosystems because they have taken away, exploited and excelled in nature.

'Gumiho' is a drama about the 'Ghost Hunting' project of Gumiho, who settled in the city, and the producer who chased him. Kang Shin-hyo PD and Hanuri writer directed and scripted.,Unlike the dramas about former Gumiho, it is one of the characteristics of the male Gumiho, not the female Gumiho, and it seems to be a story of Gumiho that was solved in a more sophisticated way.,It is scheduled to air in September.

Kim was admitted to the social service in April 2018. He is about to cancel the call next month.

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