'Kim Sabu 2' Lim Won-hee, Stone Dam's Solver Long-term Life

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:52 a.m.

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Actor Lim Won-hee shined his presence in the face of a senior executive director.

In the 11th episode of the SBS drama "Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 2" which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 10th, Kim Sabu (Han Seok-gyu) fell down due to worsening condition and all members of the Doldam Hospital were in panic.,Jang Gi-tae (Im Won-hee) showed the sense of duty of the chief of the administration, who quickly arranged the situation, and infused the warmth.

Jang Gi-tae (Im Won-hee) was embarrassed when Kim Sa-bu collapsed due to the aftereffects of a bus accident, which amplified the tension of those who saw him.

In particular, when Kim Sa-bu refused to be hospitalized, Oh Myung-shim (Jin Kyung-bun) was frustrated and expressed his feelings, and while everyone was surprised, Jang-tae showed that he was relieved by the message "Do not be surprised, I am in the process of organizing the situation."

When Oh Myung-shim strongly recommended that Kim Sabu be treated, Jang-tae, who watched, changed the atmosphere of the drama with a role of arbitrator, such as "Current Clear, as always, Su-Sam is Winn" and finishing the urgent situation.

In addition, Lim Won-hee expressed his anxiety toward Kim Sa-bu until he delayed his work, saying, "I thought I would get to sleep when I heard about how Kim Sa-bu is doing." When everyone could not leave the hospital room, he said, "Then, for now, you will quietly dissolve today."

In this way, Lim Won-hee showed the ability of the administrative chief to take the situation first for the members of the stone hospital and doubled the charm of the character.

MBN Star Popular Culture Department Anhana reporter

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