Pop star Tom Walker and James Walsh, live appearance of 'Bacam' 30th Anniversary

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:45 a.m.

[Photo=MBC) Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Bae Cheol-su's Music Camp, British pop stars Tom Walker and James Walsh guest-starred in the London show 'Live at the BBC.'

The 30th anniversary project "Live at the BBC" is a 30th anniversary project of "Bae Cheol-su's Music Camp" in London, England, by Tom Walker, a rookie award winner, and James Walsh, a leader of alternative rock band Starsailor. At the BBC)', starring on a special live broadcast.

On November 11, MBC announced that Tom Walker and James Walsh will appear on the radio "Baek Cheol-su's Music Camp" (hereafter, Baecam) "30th Anniversary Project" Live at the BBC.

Tom Walker is a talented singer-songwriter who sings everyday life with a voice of husky and sweetness at the same time and is called "the English poet".,He won the New Artist Award at the '2019 Brit Awards' and became a big newcomer to the world.,In addition, it is nominated for the 'Song of the Year' category in the '2020 Brit Awards' scheduled for the 18th, attracting attention for the second consecutive year.

He appears on "Live at the BBC" of "Bacam" after finishing the event, despite being a busy week with the "2020 Brit Awards" awards ceremony.,In addition, the production team of 'Baecam' also expressed great expectation and gratitude to give interviews and live.

James Walsh, a star-seller who will appear with him, is an artist who has gained explosive popularity in Korea with his representative song 'Four to the floor'.,James Walsh appeared in 'Baecam' at the time of the show and showed acoustic live.

In addition, 'Baekam' DJ Bae Cheol-soo was praised as "an appealing voice that stimulates the deepest place of Korean people.",Expectations are rising that he will unfold some stories and performances at Live at the BBC, the 30th anniversary of Bae Kam.

The 30th anniversary project 'Live at the BBC' of 'Bacam', which will be held from 17th to 21st, will be accompanied by British musicians such as Anne Marie, Tom Walker and James Walsh, as well as actor Yu Hae Jin, the official best friend of 'Bacam'.

'Baekam' is broadcast every evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. /

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