"The extreme thoughts after the late Ahn Jae-hwan and Choi Jin-sil left." Jung Sun-hee, the memory of the day that I took out again

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:43 a.m.

Jung Sun-hee, a broadcaster, took out memories of the past and confessed his heart.

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On the 10th, SBS Plus 'Do you eat rice', Jung Sun-hee, who visited Kim Soo-mi's rice cake house, was drawn.

On this day, Jeong said, "I have been living for about 12 years (and Ahn has been dead) and I have been feeling hard for a long time. I can't forget all my memories."

"I knew that (Ahn Jae-hwan) had debts even during my love life, and I had a hunch before the incident, and I was anxious but I loved it so much," said Jeong Sun-hee.,"I knew that I could handle it," said Jeong.

"I thought my last appearance with my husband was a bad thing that I was struggling with money, and I was not able to dream, but I was sick when my husband left in September.,I was pressed by scissors for three years, too, he said.

Jung Sun-hee, who left her husband Ahn Jae-hwan, left her best friend Choi Jin-sil in a month.

Jung Sun-hee, who returned to the air after seven months, was the cold eye of the public when he returned. "I got back early and ate a lot of curses.,I returned to the radio in seven months, but I owed a lot, but I was going to die if I did not do anything. I was too dangerous. "

"I did not see the evil, but I could not see it. It was really hard to say that 'Jung Sun-hee is reminiscent of death when he comes out' and 'Jung Sun-hee is scared when he comes out'.,I thought extreme thoughts. Then I prayed for my husband to live for the first time. I thought my husband would have been like this. "

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