'Wandering Market' Jang Yoon-jung "Do the first used transaction, I want to trade childcare goods"

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:41 a.m.

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MC Jang Yoon-jung was immersed in the fun of used transactions through 'Walking Market'.

JTBC’s “Star and Direct Deals-Wandering Market” (hereinafter, “Wandering Market” planning Kim Eun-jung and director Park Bum-joon), which will be broadcast at 7:40 pm on Feb. 16, is a “My Things CPR Project” that reflects the value of sleeping things in the house.,The star client puts his own goods directly with MCs on the online used marketplace and contains an episode that deals with local residents.

“I’ve actually done the first secondhand deal through this opportunity,” said Jang Yoon-jung, MC, who said he was happy to take on the wandering market with excitement.

In particular, Jang Yoon-jung, who is also a mother who raises two children, said, "I need it, but I have a lot of things to spend for a few months.,He is also the back door of his first client, Moon Jung-won, who is passionate about choosing goods and deciding prices.

As for Seo Jang-hoon and Yoo Se-yoon, who are working together, they responded with a witty answer, "I feel like I'm with my son." Then, "I was a veteran and I was comfortable with my breathing in my first recording.,I think there is a merit to see more details of living and kitchen items than the two of you. "

The point of watching the program was “Tips of Deal.”,Jang Yoon-jung said, "There are many people who are interested in the audience like me, but they have not tried used transactions or have difficulty." "It seems to be helpful to see what kind of goods are traded at a price and which goods are sold well."

Finally, Jang Yoon-jeong was determined to make a program that conveys healthy laughter and stories. (Photo = JTBC)

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