'How', Screen → Completion to the Crown Pavilion .. The highest audience rating of 3.1%

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:32 a.m.


'How' opened the prelude of the supernatural universe thriller by showing a different degree of perfection from the first broadcast.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency on November 11, the TVN New Moon TV drama "How" (played by Yeon Sang Ho and director Kim Yong Wan) was 2.5% on average and 3.1% on the highest audience rating.

The actor Um Ji-won, Sung Dong-il, Cho Min-soo, and the movie "parasite" were added to the original world view created through the combination of the magic "method" that curses people and the indigenous faith in Korea.

On this day, when the mysterious incident occurred around Forest, the largest IT company in Korea, a journalist with a sense of justice opened the premiere with a story of digging into the black market.,Reporter Lim Jin-hee (Um Ji-won), who was covering the assault of Forrest chairman Jin Jong-hyun (Seong Dong-il), told a source that he had a subsidiary that was awarded within Forrest.,Lim Jin-hee tried to inform the world of the truth, but was frustrated and frustrated by the obstruction of Kim Joo-hwan (Choi Byung-mo), the head of the newspaper company, who had a close relationship with the company.

In the meantime, an unidentified girl named Baek So-jin (Jung Ji-so) appeared in front of Lim Jin-hee and introduced herself as a methodist with the power of curse.,Baek So-jin warned that Jin Jong-hyun is a villain trying to harm the world and that he can not win him by human law, and Im Jin-hee ignored Baek So-jin, saying that he is absurd.,However, when his informant was killed by his own death, he asked him to curse him with his photographs, Chinese characters, and belongings.

The shock ending of the imaginative transcendence, which was drawn at the end of the broadcast, turned the house theater properly, and the body of Kim Joo-hwan, who died with his limbs twisted in a bizarre shape by Baek So-jin's "method".,With the existence of surreal power revealed in reality as the meaningful words of Baek So-jin, "We are now a community of destiny," Lim Jin-hee stepped into an unknown world of curses without knowing himself.,In order to stop the evil plan hidden behind such a huge conspiracy, Im Jin-hee and Baek So-jin's fateful cooperation began, adding to the question of how the struggle of curse against the great evil will be drawn in the future.

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