'How' Um Ji-won, crazy tension from beginning to end 'perfect transformation'

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:24 a.m.

How to Be a Super Tension Perfect Transformation from Start to End

Actor Um Ji-won transformed into a reporter for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Lim Jin-hee.

Um Ji-won first appeared as Im Jin-hee in the TVN New Moon drama 'How' which was first broadcast on the 10th.,Jin-hee is a reporter of the society and society who digs into the identity of Jin Jong-hyun, and has a sense of justice that can not tolerate strong tenacity, commitment and injustice.,I dream of a right society, but when I investigate Forest, the largest IT company in Korea, my informant dies because of myself, I show an extraordinary aspect of holding hands with evil beyond the principle of reporters.

On the day of the broadcast, Jin-hee (Um Ji-won) was shown covering the assault case that Chairman Jin Jong-hyun (Seong Dong-il) bought.,However, the report was blocked by senior reporter Kim Joo-hwan (Choi Byung-mo), and he went out without being angry.

Jin-hee meets a girl at a coffee shop.,"I read all the articles of Jin-hee (Jung Ji-so)" said, "Jin-hyun's identity is a demon, not a human being, and he is a method of killing a person with a curse." However, Jin-hee got up as a joke.

Soon after, Forest's whistleblower, who was interviewed by Jin-hee, was reported differently from the facts, and he called and called, but when he reached his death due to a sudden traffic accident, his anger reached the extreme.

Jin-hee went to Juhwan and said, "You wrote a story for money at Forest, you know that? You are a garbage?" And took his Chinese name, objects, and photographs and met his burnout again.,Jin-hee, who asked me to do his work with a half-hearted mind, went home and fell into a deep sleep without knowing his death.

As such, Um Ji-won showed a 180-degree different character transformation from the previous disintegration to the hot reporter Im Jin-hee.,Catharsis was given to the viewer as he moved to reveal his mistakes and keep justice, and pushed like a bulldozer without being intimidated by the huge forces.

In addition, I took care of my husband who I think is my person, and in the second meeting with exhaustion, I treated him with soft behavior and tone as much as possible, adding to the fun of seeing it as a colorful acting that changes every moment according to the character's heart.

A future where a huge black shadow that Jin-hee, who is entangled with a 'destiny community' from a girl who met by chance, can not imagine now.,In this regard, the audience's curiosity about what kind of thick relationship will be with the characters that Jin-hee will meet in the future reached its peak.

On the other hand, 'How', which collects attention with the fast development and the breathtaking acting power of acting actors from the first broadcast, is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

Reporter Kim Ji-yeon

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