'Do you eat rice?' Kwon In-ha "The late Kim Hyun-sik, I am worried about me even in the midst of pain."

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:21 a.m.

Kwon In-ha, who met his second prime with the creation of "Sports Chosun.com Jung An-ji" and "Thunder Tiger," took the best minute to recall his music colleagues who left the world first.

SBS Plus 'Do you eat Kim Soo-mi's rice' broadcasted on the 10th appeared in the living legend Kwon In-ha who shook the music industry in the 1980s and 1990s.

I came to the rice bowl house, which was popular with 'Windy Day Watercolor', and recalled an anecdote with the late Kim Hyun-sik and Kim Kwang-seok, who worked together as a young man.,As a result of Nielsen's statistics on November 11, the audience rating of the paid households in the metropolitan area was 1.416%, and the highest audience rating was recorded except for the non-entertainer cast.

On this day, Kwon In-ha brought out a sad memory of the late Kim Hyun-sik, who called 'Wind Day Watercolor' together.,Kim Hyeon-sik passed the last words to his wife, who had received a phone call on Kwon In-ha's behalf, before leaving the world.,Kwon In-ha was saddened to recall the time, saying, "I have only talked about the whole (my) worries."

"I was suffering from a lot of blood, but I was not healthy, but I was active.,I fell on the radio public broadcast and encouraged him to go to the hospital, but I remember that he said, "I have to go to the recording room.",Kwon In-ha said, "(Kim Hyun-sik) is a friend who never sings the same song. His song was always new."

In addition, Kwon In-ha also recalled the last meeting with the late genius musician Kim Kwang-seok, who left many famous songs.

Kwon In-ha, Kim Hyun-sik and Kim Kwang-seok, said, "I think that if their friends were alive, the popular music market for middle-aged people would not have been much more active."

'Do you eat Kim Soo-mi's rice?', which tells you about the unspeakable situation anywhere, is broadcast every Monday at SBS Plus at 10 pm.

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