'Settlement Talks' Moon-ri Yang Se-chan, Yang Se-chan, an economic expert,

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:17 a.m.

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Yangsei Brothers challenged the logic-free debate against economic experts who were united in logic.

JTBC's new entertainment program, "Walk Only Don Road - Settlement Talks" (hereinafter, "Settlement Talks") will be broadcast at 11 pm on February 11.,The settlement talks are a “customized financial consultation talk show” in which entertainers with a good deal of financial skills and the “Donbanja Corps,” the best experts in each field, discuss the two money-making issues of their clients.

In the first recording of the recent 'settlement talks', the first client came to the 'settlement talks' with the worry of 'investing for me to repay the student loan'.,For the client who did not lose his passion for dreams even in economic difficulties, the performers made a fierce debate without concessions and made the studio warm.

Yang said, "The financial debt is like the debt of the mind." He advised, "Even when studying, you have to put your surroundings away and pay back your debt as if you are studying well.",Lee Yeo-young, CEO of the food service company, continued the heated debate, saying, "The children who can not study (?) are exactly the same.,Yang said to the experts, "Have you ever received a student loan?" He asked a sharp question that embarrassed everyone.,However, in the unexpected answer of lawyer Kim Jong-hoon, the two-year-old X Yang Se-chan brothers jumped up and tried to leave the recording studio and laughed.

On this day, the client wrote down each of the advice of the performers and left a subcommittee saying, "I am impressed that so many people have been telling me stories for me.",It is focused on which side of the golden 'Dongil' selected by the first client who found the 'settlement talks' and what was the word of conversion that moved the client's mind.

On the other hand, in the second part of the 'settlement talks', Nam Chang-hee, a broadcaster, turned into an 'antman' of visuals as well as 'Washman' and 'Walkman'.,'Antman' is a corner where Nam Chang-hee goes directly to the scene and confirms the consumption life of people these days.,Nam Chang-hee is the back door of a rumor that he wandered through Hongdae Street on Friday, which burns to find citizens who save more than one million won a month. (Photo = JTBC)

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