TED → NUMBISAN 10 Team Mnet 'Do You Know Hip Hop' line-up complete

Feb. 11, 2020, 1:11 a.m.

TED → NUNTIAN 10 Team Mnet 'Do You Know Hip Hop' line-up completion

The first-generation rapper lineup, which appears on Mnet 'Do You Know Hip Hop', was released for the first time.,A total of 10 rappers, including tin, double-kay, deployer, one sun, 45RPM, Digiri and Youngpoong (Honey Family), Yanki, Bizniz, Nang Nunshan (Infinet Flow), confirmed their appearance.

In 'Do You Know Hip Hop', the average age of 41.3-year-old national hip legend Aza rappers will express their passion for hip-hop and their own swag.,The reality and contest of Aja rappers who will summon the retro sensibility of hip-hop fans unfolds.

Today (No. 11) the production team is gathering attention by unveiling the lineup of first-generation rappers who will play in "Do You Know Hip Hop?"

First, the president confirmed his appearance. In the early 2000s, the president, who led the trend of domestic hip-hop fashion, is actively working in the lives of rappers and sportsmen.,He will show his unkempt skills and everyday life that has not been revealed.

He is also expected to join Double K and the placement team.,Double K. was the winner of the first season of Showtime Money and returned from the US mainland with a hip-hop swag, and the deployer was loved by intense and speedy rapping, including the famous songs "Good to see you," "My East Wind," and "Better than Yesterday" that were heard by boys in the mid to late 2000s.,Many hip-hop fans are pleased to hear the appearance of two members of the placement machine, Moo-woong and Tak.

Wonsun appears as a first-generation rapper who has been loved by showing distinctive music.,It is expected to show the appearance of a life-friendly rapper that has not done anything like interior facilities, convenience stores, and Hope houses for business.,The 45RPM, which consists of Lee Hyun-bae and Park Jae-jin, was also named in the lineup. It was loved by hip-hop, which contains full energy such as 'Ri Ki-dong' and 'old friends'.,There is a disagreement between them, and I expect to see what they will be able to show up again.

In addition, the Honey Family returns.,The team, which consists of professors, coaches Jijitsu, Digiri, who is a Muay Thai player, and Youngpoong, who has turned into a cosmetics distributor, is determined to prove the reputation of Digiri, a "wizard of rhythm" and "hip-hop" Youngpoong again through "Do you know hip-hop?"

Yanki, a rap teacher of the Bulletproof Boys' Company, who has been actively involved in the filming and featured on his personal work until recently, also appears in "Do you know hip-hop?",In addition, hip-hop master Soul-Shan, who is a classic of Korean hip-hop, and Infinet Flow, who belongs to 19th year veteran rapper Bizniz, also threw a ticket.

The regular 2nd album 'More than Music' released before the dismantling was well received, but unfortunately, those who declared the dismantling the following year are interested in returning to the hip-hop scene for a long time and showing the class of the emptiness class.

Through 'Do you know hip-hop', you will be able to meet the recent questions of Ajae rappers who have not been able to meet for a long time and the passion for hip-hop that has been forgotten.,I hope to be happy for the first generation hip-hop fans and fresh fun for teenagers.

Mnet 'Do you know hip-hop' will be broadcasted at 11 pm on Friday, February 28th, to draw the process of making '2020 Korea Compilation Album' which connects '1999 Korea Compilation Album' through various missions.

Dong-A.com reporter Kwak Hyun-soo

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