All the way, 'Sweet Doctor' suddenly the main character. Who?


Shin Won-ho PD's new work, "Skillful Doctor Life," is released on the scene of the script reading, and interest in the main character, Jeon Mi-do is hot.

Jeon Mi-do was born in 1982 and is 38 years old. He was a former theater and film major at Myongji College and made his debut as a musical "Mr. Mouse" in 2006.,Since then, he has appeared in famous works such as musical 'Finding Kim Jong Wook' and 'Doctor Zivago'.,He won the 9th Musical Awards Best Actress Award in 2015 and the 2nd Korea Musical Awards Best Actress Award in 2018.

The TVN drama “Scent Doctor Life” (played by Shin Won-ho and drama titled Lee Woo-jeong) is a drama about the story of a person living in a hospital, such as a doctor, a nurse, and a patient.

On June 3, the production team released their first script reading scene.,In the play, Cho Jung-seok, Kim Dae-myeong, Jung Kyung-ho, Yeon-seok, and Jeon Mi-do, who appear as the 5th generation of the 99th school of medicine, showed a perfect chemistry that could not be believed to be their first breath.

The “slim doctor’s life” will be broadcast in the first half of 2020.

Lee Bo-hee, reporter


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